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Sunny days are back, why don’t you take a fresh oxygen breath with Family ?

Ideally located at “Chaîne des Puys” epicenter, ARCHIPEL VOLCANS allows easy access to many outdoor activities, as well as original cultural tourist sites.

Archipel Volcans, in partnership with others must see tourists attractions like Volcan de Lemptegy and Grotte de la pierre de Volvic, propose original pleasure trip, rich in discovery just few kilometers around.

On Volcan de Lemptegy side, your tribe will have the chance to travel inside a real volcano. Unusual you said!!!
On foot or by train, go alongside a passionate animator in the bowels of the volcano : bombs, volcanic chimneys, lava flow will have no secrets for you anymore. Both young and older visitors will appreciate.

Next step, Volvic, famous city of water, but not only…Even before the water “flows”, Volvic was the city of stone.
From the 13th century, the “cathedral builders” have used this iconic volcanic stone : The Trachyandesitis.
At the Cave of the Volvic stone, you will circulate in the heart of a lava flow and go back in time : the first fruits of exploitation, in the golden age of careers, from everyday Volvic inhabitants life to the beginning of the last century with the uses of the Pierre de Volvic nowadays, the 5 thematic spaces will transport you into a fascinating universe.

Le dimanche, c'est brunch chez Archipel Volcans ! Pensez à réserver !